Whats the best way to Make Money on Betfair

What’s the best way to make money on Betfair? This is something I’ve researched, tested and invested in for some 9 years now. Let me tell you first of all there are no Betfair loopholes and no secrets of making money on Betfair.

To make money on Betair takes patience and discipline. There are some very good systems for Betfair and there are some very bad ones! There are of course hundreds of markets on Betfair covering a huge range of sports and events. With the right system and application we can make money on everything from layinf horses to football and even less popular sports like curling.

Betfair is of course a person to person betting exchange. This means that we can not only make money by backing teams, horses etc to win we can choose to lay them. For example, laying horses on Betfair means we can bet they will lose their race and make a profit if they do. The same applies to football teams, cricket teams and boxers. Caution is required however as of course we have to pay out odds if the selection does win. It may seem an easy bet to lay the 50-1 outsider but if it does win it wil hurt!

Money management, staking plans and protecting your betting bank are all part of the secret of making money on Betfair. Don’t use too much money on one bet as if you lose it will damage your funds.

The ultimate lay betting system is one which offers many bets, at low odds and of course with a high strike rate. Using such a system will turn winners to losers and see a steady profit on Betfair. Looking for the Betfair miracle? Keep looking my friend as although I have many very good systems for Betafair it still requires a professional approach.

make money betfair

betfair system review

betfair system review

For more information about my quest for the best betfair systems and the ultimate lay betting system visit http://bestbetfairbettingsystems.com


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